The tools and the contents of the courses are entirely realized by the New-RegionAquitaine, in partnership with local authorities or bodies responsible for tourism and heritage, which contribute to the project their in-depth knowledge of their territory and heritage.

The New Aquitaine Region has created and maintains the website and the mobile application and is responsible for the technical production of videos, audios and synthetic images entrusted to private providers in the context of public procurement. The Region also mobilizes human resources within its Heritage and inventory services for the steering and coordination of the project, the writing and the realization of all content.

The municipalities, communities of municipalities, countries of art and history and other partner heritage associations have contributed by their knowledge of the terrain to the design of the routes and their promotion to the inhabitants.

Tourist offices are systematically associated with routes designed in their territory to promote them to their visitors.

The choice of destinations is based on the common will of all these players, but also on the interest and knowledge of the heritage to be promoted.

This project received EU funding.


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