Ségur le Château
Ségur le Château

This video and audio itinerary takes you to discover the heritage of Ségur-le-Château, thanks to Computer Generated Imagery of the Vicounts’ castle, as well as Renaissance houses and mansions.

Departure :
Castles, Landscape, garden and agricultural heritage

The town’s geographic location, on a meandering river, beneath an overhanging rocky spur, made it an ideal area to set up a fortified medieval village, which became the headquarters of a viscountcy. This video sets the town’s geographical and historical scene.


What is commonly called the « castle » of Ségur was actually a « castrum » : a fortified village divided into two distinct parts. Discover these parts thanks to this video’s Computer Generated Imagery.


Who was Pertinax ?

Memory and destinies of men

Listen to the eventful history of the Viscounts of Ségur and Limoges, and learn about the succession of lords in Ségur, from the 10th to the 15th century.


Admire the 3 dimensions of the castrum’s courtyard and find out what each part was used for.


Computer Generated Imagery of the dungeon, chapel and residence of the lord of Ségur.

Memory and destinies of men

In and after the 15th century, the castle was put into the hands of several powerful families, namely the d’Albrets, who also lived in other castles and progressively deserted Ségur.

Buildings and public life

From the 15th to the 18th centuries, Ségur was home to an Appeals Court, called « cour des appeaux », which contributed to the development the town’s economy and resulted in the construction of many mansions. [Such as the one in front of you : « hotel Saint Laurent”].


The very beautiful house with carved decorations and upstairs in wooden pan in front of which you find is called the House Henri IV. In your opinion, what event does this name refer to?


The Countess de Segur was :

Arrangement of public space

Ségur was divided into three different districts, which were part of three different parishes, before the 18th century. Each had its own chapel.

Houses, mansions and dwellings

This video shows the architecture of Ségur’s houses, towers and mansions, decorated with Renaissance-style mouldings.

Traditions and beliefs, Know-how and materials

This sequence presents the different types of building material used in Ségur-le-Château. Discover the town’s fountains and associated beliefs.

Know-how and materials

This video has an early 20th century atmosphere to it, with a series of archive images presenting old trades, activities and everyday life in Ségur. You’ll also discover the town’s mills and old bridges.

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