Melle et le Mellois
Melle et le Mellois

This multimedia tour will guide you through the history and heritage of Melle and the Mellois area using videos and audio commentary about the silver mines, the medieval town, Romanesque sculptures in the area and Gallo-Roman ruins.

Departure :
Arrangement of public space

This stone lintel is the remains of a Gallo-Roman headstone. Follow the thread of Gallo-Roman settlement in the area to see where it takes us along an imperial road... Animations and CGI images will take you on a journey through space and time.


Acrobats, musicians, animal exhibitors and many more – this was the world of medieval entertainment that we suggest you explore in this video by looking at the Romanesque sculptures in Saint-Hilaire church and the other churches of the Mellois area.


If you look at this contemporary chancel, you’ll notice that there is a space in the floor. Do you know what it is?

Arrangement of public space

Some sections of Melle’s ramparts are still visible today. They give an insight into the shape of the medieval town, which you can explore in this audio clip.


This doorframe is made up of elements from an old rood screen. Do you know what a rood screen is?

Religious buildings and communities

This step allows you to understand why the Capucins convent was established here and how it has been repurposed into an administrative building and renovated in a neoclassical style.

Industrial, artisanal and commercial heritage

Three coins adorn the town’s coat of arms. These are a reference to the silver mines and mints that prospered in Melle in the Middles Ages. This video will present to you Melle’s medieval mining operations and give you a taste before visiting this very unusual site.


In your opinion, what was the position of this church in relation to the medieval town of Melle’s outer wall?


If the church is open, go in. On the inside, you can see graffiti that is more than a century old. Who were the artists?


Above the doorway, you will notice a cornice that is decorated with tracery. What animals are sculpted on 5 out of 7 modillions that support the cornice?

Buildings and public life

Gothic and neo-Gothic styles stand side-by-side in this ancient, 15th-century private mansion that was converted into a courthouse. Can you tell which is which? This audio will give you the key points about the history and architecture of the building.


From which material has this panther been sculpted?


At the top of the street, on your right,, you can see a circular building. What was its purpose?


For what purpose was this pavilion built?


How many different materials were used to build this covered market?


Do you recognise the style of the doors on the ground floor of this house?

Contemporary creation

This creation by Françoise Quardon, built in 2000, symbolises the transition from the second to the third millennium. The town of Melle highlights contemporary art with a biennial festival, during which several works are on display along the streets.

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