This multimedia trail takes you to explore the heritage of Collonges-la-Rouge, thanks to videos and audio comments : the town’s typical reddish stone, staircase towers, flagstone and slate roofs, sculpted decors...

Departure :
Houses, mansions and dwellings

It’s quite unusual for a village to be red ! This video reveals the origin of this peculiar type of stone : sandstone, which the houses of Collonges are all made of.

Arrangement of public space

Let’s go back to the origins of Collonges-la-Rouge thanks to this audioguide : learn about the old priory and outer wall, with the fortified door you are standing before!

Houses, mansions and dwellings

These towers are typical of Collonges-la-Rouge. Get a closer look thanks to this video which shows you parts that are usually inaccessible, and discover what is hidden behind the walls!

Know-how and materials

Explore Collonges from above and observe its different yet harmonious rooftops made of slate, flagstone and tiles.

Landscape, garden and agricultural heritage

The vine arbours you can see here are a reminder of the importance vines used to have in the Collonges area. Learn all about local wine-growing thanks to this audio-guide. Cheers!

Buildings and public life

In the heart of the village, the 16th century covered market and bread oven, used to be an important spot for social life in Collonges. This audio-guide tells us the covered market’s story.

Religious buildings and communities, Sculpture

Elements belonging to the Romanesque church portal and tympanum were scattered about during the religious wars, then re-assembled like a puzzle ! Learn more thanks to this amazing video.

Religious buildings and communities

This video explains the outstanding architecture of Collonges’s church, with its two bell towers, fortified tower and irregular layout; Be sure to watch it before entering the church.



There are several objects on this 1808 wrought iron cross. What do you think they represent ?

Religious buildings and communities, Objects of religious art

This 14th century chapel used to be home to a « Black Penitents » friary. Nowadays it is a place for contemporary creations and has stained glass windows by an artist/glass-maker. Learn all about the chapel in this video.

Buildings and public life

This audio guide explains how this small rural village set up the famous « Plus beaux villages de France” association (France’s most beautiful villages) and created a summer theatre festival.

Traditions and beliefs

In this interview, François Ceyrac explains his passion for the routes to Santiago de Compostela, and how he strived to revive the Bénévent- Rocamadour route, an alternative route between the Vézelay and Le Puy routes.

Houses, mansions and dwellings

There are many manors here, which the people of Collonges call « castels ». Discover these lavish 16th century residences thanks to this video. It starts with castel Vassignac, where you are standing!


You are standing before Maurice BIRAUD’s house . Do you know what this famous person did for a living ?


Which film did Maurice Biraud star in ?

Houses, mansions and dwellings, Sculpture

Take a closer look at the façades of Collonges’s houses, thanks to this video. Let’s start with the “mermaid’s house” where you are standing!

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