Along this multimedia trail you will discover the heritage of Angles-sur-l’Anglin, through videos and audio commentary, the fortress and the abbey will be opened up to you. You will view animated reenactments showing how the fortress and abbey were built in the 15th century.You will hear the history of Roc-aux-Sorciers and even the expertise of the Jours d'Angles hemstitch textile workers.

Departure :

In this interview, Matilde LUCAS, Director of the Interpretation Center at Sorciers Rock, guides us around the original Roc-aux-Sorciers site, the natural rock shelter adorned with parietal carvings, which is now not open to the public. She tells us about how the site, which is considered of equal importance to the caves at Lascaux, was discovered.


Unconvinced about visiting the Roc-aux-Sorciers Discovery Centre? This video will show you the highlights of what is on show, which will undoubtedly spur you on to go.

Defensive constructions

It is here, atop this rocky outcrop, that you will find the first iteration of the castle at Angles, in the form of a feudal motte and bailey keep. Let's set the scene!


Construction of the fortress at Angles began in the early 12th century. In this video clip, all of the buildings and defenses are recreated using animation, bringing the castle back to life.

Defensive constructions

This fault line in the rock, with its carved staircase, features in a legend from the Hundred Years War. Listen to the story!


Large scale developments took place in the 15th century, particularly on the castle keep. This animation will show you how the castle was laid out.


What is the name of this architectural form?

Arrangement of public space

Listen to the commentary and find out all about how the Anglin River was crossed before the bridge was built.


This is the house where the cardinal Balue was born in 1421. This man was imprisoned during 11 years. Do you know why ?


You are on rue de la Cueille. The ram means steep street in Poitou, it is a term derived from the Latin collia which means hill.

What is the length of the support ramp?


Under this passage, you can observe a bousillis. Do you know what this is ?

Religious buildings and communities

The chapel is all that remains of the old Sainte Croix or Holy Cross Abbey, which occupied a large portion of this quarter. You can see what the abbey used to look like thanks to the animated reconstruction in this video.

Know-how and materials

Angles-sur-l'Anglin boasts a very unique artisanal skill: Jours d'Angles hemstitch. This is a hemstitch technique which lead to the growth of a sizeable business in this little town during the 19th century. Watch this interview to discover the secrets


What does the statue of the war memorial represent?

Defensive constructions, Arrangement of public space

In this interview, Paul Mathuri, Head of Cultural Inventory for Art and Heritage, explains how the town of Angles is laid out and the individual details of some of the houses.

Landscape, garden and agricultural heritage

The land around Angles-sur-l'Anglin was at one time widely planted with vines, as the vast cellars and vineyard workers' shelters can attest to. Find out more in this slideshow. Listen to the audio guide to find out more.

Religious buildings and communities

This video will show you the church and its Roman belfry, granted Historical Monument status, in greater detail.


In 1481, which king grants two great fairs on this place?


You are about to finish the tour. Enjoy a bit of this magnificent panorama!

But do you know where the name of the city comes from?

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