Île de Vassivière
Vassivière Island

This multimedia tour takes you to Vassivière island’s sculpture forest, around the art centre and castle and the research and creation residences, to discover the landscape, architecture and contemporary works of art.

Departure :
Landscape, garden and agricultural heritage

This video shows how Vassivière’s landscape was transformed over the last 150 years, the changes in farming and the construction of a dam

Contemporary creation

Discover the International Art centre’s actions towards artists and the public, in this short audio guide.

Buildings and public life, Contemporary creation

With its lighthouse tower and great gallery, the art centre is a remarkable architectural creation with a « 20th Century Heritage » label. In this video, French architect Xavier Fabre how the building was conceived, with Italian architect Aldo Rossi (1931-1997).

Contemporary creation

What is an in situ work of art? That is what this audio guide explains, by using the example of the sculpture you are standing before, by Dominique Bailly.

Contemporary creation

Many of the works in Vassivière’s Sculpture Forest evolve as time and seasons go by. This video will help you to understand the living dimension of art. It reveals the sculptures’ transformations, from the tiniest, to the most spectacular changes.


Kimio TSUCHIYA, Eternity, 1990

Sculpture forest

Property of the « Centre International d’Art et du Paysage »

What technique was used to create this work of art ?

Memory and destinies of men, Contemporary creation

Some sculptures are inspired by the history of Vassivière. That is the case for this piece by Bernard Calet. It evokes the villages that were swallowed up by the lake when the dam was built. Christian Cotte, who lived in Vassivière at the time, shares his memories with us here.

Contemporary creation

You are standing before a piece by Andy Goldsworthy, a major Land Art artist: an opportunity to go over the main artistic movements that influenced the works in the Sculpture Forest.

Industrial, artisanal and commercial heritage

In Vassivière, the island exists thanks to the dam. Here, we show you how the dam was built and how this industrial concrete building, that « gave birth » to the lake, works.

Contemporary creation

Marianne Lanavère, head of the International art and landscape centre, explains the characteristics of the Sculpture Forest – a collection with diverse origins, open to all, all year long – and its development.

Memory and destinies of men, Landscape, garden and agricultural heritage

Before it became an island, Vassivière was a village. It was transformed in the 19th century and became an incredibly modern farming estate, by a unique person, Louis Léonard Vassivière. You’ll hear his story here.

Houses, mansions and dwellings

This video tells the story of the country residence that was transformed into a castle by the Vassivière family. Christian Cotte, a descendant of the Vassivières lived unforgettable moments here. Listen to his story.

Contemporary creation

Today, the castle has been rehabilitated and is a research and creation residence for artists. This video shows its surprising interior architecture and how artists come to work in Vassivière.


And we end with the beginning of the story, in the Sculpture Forest of Vassivière island: A true human adventure, the combination of art lovers and culture professionals who worked together to durably implant contemporary art in such an unexpected rural area.

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