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Arrangement of public space

Through the magic of computer-generated images, this first part of the tour brings back to life the arcade leading to the thermal baths of Evaux in the Gallo-Roman era, a covered path of a unparalleled size in Gaul!

Religious buildings and communities

Immerse yourself in the wonder that is Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul abbey church through unique aerial views and historical anecdotes. From its Romanesque origins to its contemporary tales, this building is packed full of history and is ready to reveal all its secrets!

Religious buildings and communities, Objects of religious art, Traditions and beliefs

This video lets you discover the treasures inside of the abbey church of Saint Pierre Saint Paul by showcasing its decorative features, its 17th century enamel shrine or its contemporary stained glass windows.  




This story full of magic takes you back to the origins of the legends! Or how the underground adventures of Evahona the fairy gave rise to these thermal waters with multiple benefits.


What was the purpose of this strange item ? 


In which year was the town hall built?


This house has a distinctive architectural feature: timber framing. What other name is given to this construction technique?


You are standing where one of the old doors of the fortified city of Evaux once stood. This audio clip helps you envisage these fortifications that have completely disappeared now.


In 1661, a brigade of “gabelous” was established in Évaux. But what did these men do?

Houses, mansions and dwellings

In this video clip, come and discover the mighty rise of thermalism in Evaux-les-Bains! A traditional activity that characterises the town, thermalism in particular has influenced the development of the town and its architecture in the 19th century. 


Welcome to the chemin des Polonais, a path named after an assigned residence camp set up here to house (and monitor) demobilised Polish officers during World War II. This audio commentary provides a brief reminder of the history.


The iconic spa style architecture of the Grand hotel de la Fontaine makes it one of the most beautiful buildings in Evaux-les-Bains! Listen to the audio guide to hear all about its history and linger a few moments to admire its facade.

Arrangement of public space

The most significant archaeological excavations of the thermal baths of Evaux took place in the 19th century. The ancient bathing pools were found hidden under the landslides of the cliff, with their stunning decorative marble, numerous artefacts and architectural features. This sequence retraces the history of this marvellous discovery.


Are you ready to journey back in time? Using computer-generated images, this video offers visitors a full visit to the ancient thermal baths of Evaux-les-Bains, featuring descriptions and the excavations records to help imagine their former splendour.


In this last video of the tour, the past and the present collide in this look at how the current spa facility was gradually built near the remains and which parts of the ancient bathing pools were integrated into the modern installations.


This fallow deer park was created by the municipality of Evaux in 1987. But do you know what baby fallow deer are called?

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