Aubusson patrimoine ancien
Aubusson heritage

The "Aubusson heritage" tour will take you on a journey through the old town to discover the history of Aubusson revealed in its oldest buildings.

Departure :

The Château de la Vicomté in Aubusson was built on the rocky spur which overlooks the town. Take a look at this video to discover the history of this site and envisage the original appearance of the castle depicted by ancient engravings.

Religious buildings and communities

The Sainte Croix church in Aubusson has experienced a turbulent past. Learn all about the history of the church and a number of the houses in Rue Châteaufavier courtesy of this video.

Objects of religious art, Painting, tapestry and fire arts

The church of Aubusson houses a number of works of art, specifically two large tapestries and a monumental painting. Identify the display and production conditions of these works with this audio commentary.

Houses, mansions and dwellings, Sculpture

Built in the 16th century by the Vallenet family, this building is representative of the architectural heritage of Aubusson. Discover its history and architecture courtesy of this audio commentary.

Buildings and public life

Terrade bridge is one of Aubusson’s most iconic structures. This video will allow you to discover its history and see the appearance of its surroundings during the beginning of the last century courtesy of old post cards dating back to that time.

Defensive constructions, Buildings and public life

The clock tower overlooks Aubusson from its promontory and is one of the iconic structures of Aubusson. This video will enable you to see it in its original context and discover its clock making mechanism.

Religious buildings and communities

Protestantism was established in Aubusson in the first half of the 16th century. A church, which has since been destroyed, was built in the early 17th century. The entrance to the passage which leads to the church is still visible in Rue Vieille. Use this audio guide to follow the turbulent history of the contraction of this church.

Houses, mansions and dwellings

The Maison du Tapissier (Tapestry Weaver’s House) owes its name to the small museum devoted to the trade contained within its walls. Follow the stages in the construction of this 15th century Aubusson house courtesy of this audio commentary.

Arrangement of public space

The Grande Rue was created shortly before the French Revolution. It became one of the major routes through the town of Aubusson in the 19th century. This video will shed light on the history of the street and point out some of its remarkable buildings.

Buildings and public life, Sculpture

The Place d’Espagne fountain dates back to 1772, however its basin is actually a former baptismal font which could date back as far as the 13th century. Listen to this audio guide to find out more about its history and construction.

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