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The squeleton of a Neandertal man was discovered in 1908 at La Chapelle aux Saints. Around the burial site, the guided tour will present you the human evolution, tools, fire making or hunting as well as the comparison between the Neanderthal and cro Magnon Man.
The museum proposes all year special activities for families, conferences, temporary exhibition and the "prehistoric fair" on the first weekend of august.

Opening - Schedules

The museum is opened :
From easter to November, every afternoon from 2.30pm to 6pm
July and August, every day from 10am to noon and from 2.30pm to 6pm.


Tarifs : Adultes : 5€
Réduit : 6/16 ans: 3€

Groupes adultes : 4€

Groupes scolaires: 2€

La Chapelle aux Saints
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